Finca Marañuela

Blessed is he, who far from business, like the ancient race of mortal men, works the ancestral farm with his oxen, unbounded by any debt. Neither as the soldier is he woken by trumpet harsh. Nor is he in dread of the angry sea. And while he shuns the market; So too does he avoid, the haughty doorways, of mightier persons.



Distinctions and recognitions

CERVIM - Heroic Viticulture
Viticultura Heroíca - CERVIM

We are the first producer in the Canary Islands to have the Heroic Viticulture seal from CERVIM (Center for Research, Studies, Safeguarding, Coordination and Valorization of Mountain Viticulture), an international organization whose purpose is to protect and safeguard the mountain viticulture, on a steep slope or on small islands, or what is usually called "heroic viticulture" due to the particular environmental and labor conditions that it entails. More information.