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Mercedes Felipe García Rodríguez

Mercedes García Rodríguez

After dedicating almost my entire life to pattern making and fashion, a trip through Central and South America, working on organic farms, made me more aware of the special valley in which I was born upon my return to the island.

It was there that I wanted to take charge of a piece of land to learn everything necessary and be imbued with my father's knowledge.

After reading many books on food sovereignty, permaculture, biodynamics, the Jadam method, etc., I decided to start experimenting and applying what I had learned. After this, and having a more or less clear understanding of sustainable viticulture, I wanted to make wines with the same purpose, wines that respect and value the raw material and everything behind each bunch of grapes and, with this, try to continue a legacy, not lose the tradition of the braided cord (method of conducting the vine in the valley of La Orotava) and the effort of our father.

Séfora Felipe García Rodríguez

Séfora García Rodríguez

1990, my year. A year that brought us the end of the racial segregation system and the Cold War, the first cloned animal, the dotcom economic boom, and the spell of Harry Potter.

I am the youngest of five siblings and although the age difference between us did not allow us to share the adventures of childhood, I grew up enriching myself from each of them and sharing absurd conversation dinners for a child at that time.

In 2015 I graduated in Early Childhood Education Teaching and soon had the luck to work, for several years, as a teacher. I combined my profession with my passion, taking care of and attending to my mother's business, for a long time. A family store that offers different products for the development of our daily lives to the public but that for me, is much more than that. It is constancy, effort, childhood memories, love and family.

Time, little. But even so, I juggled to help my father on an agricultural land where the vine prevailed. There the hours stopped and I enjoyed the anecdotes and stories he told me and also served as therapy to cope with the different situations that were presented to me on the path of life. And here I am, but now along with my siblings Felipe and Mercedes, as well as our father, launching a small common winery project that has become Bodega Finca Marañuela.

Juan Felipe García Rodríguez

Juan Felipe García Rodríguez

I was born in 1973. I was raised playing ball in dirt streets that barely had cars passing through.

I knew black and white television at a time when there was only one channel, and in which a simple bicycle was a luxury product.

A time when there were hardly any computers, a time when there was no Internet, no mobile phones. I survived compulsory education and its teachers of cuffs and slaps, the trucks loaded with tobacco leaves on the way to the drying shed near my house, which we chased on foot to steal some still green leaves, and which we guarded so jealously as if it were the greatest of treasures.

I survived the roller skates on which we threw ourselves, unconscious and fearless, down the steep slopes of my neighborhood. I survived the slingshots, the five-seater cars in which we traveled with eight or more occupants without any safety belt, the motorcycles on which we traveled with three people without helmets.

I graduated in Tourism from the Open University. I developed my career in the hotel sector for twelve years, where I was a victim of the bankruptcy of the Nueva Rumasa of José María Ruíz Mateos. I then took the leap to the travel agency sector, working for several years in retail and wholesale agencies, as well as some tour operators, until a double thrombosis, initially, and the coronavirus, later, put a brake on my career in the tourism sector. It was in February 2021 that my sisters Mercedes and Séfora, along with our father, decided to start a small common winery project based on the production of 100% natural wines, made with grapes from our farm grown in a completely organic way, giving rise to what would be the germ of what has become Bodega Finca Marañuela. Thus, based on the practices of regenerative viticulture carried out by our father for years, and with his teachings, it is in the same year 2021 when we decided to take a step forward and start producing our own natural wines among the three siblings.